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November 1, 2013 Mullen raises $8,700 for Rowan House and Abbeyfield House in wake of devastating flood

This past summer, Alberta was hit with a massive, devastating flood. On June 20th, 2013, chaos struck the Calgary area. At its peak, the disaster saw 100,000 people forced to evacuate their homes. Many areas experienced a loss of power; downtown Calgary was described as a “ghost town” after the flood. The damage was unfathomable… hundreds of people lost their homes; millions of dollars in property damage was incurred.

The Rowan House (an emergency shelter for women and children) and the Abbeyfield House (a seniors home) are two buildings that withstood extensive damage in the wake of the flood. This year, Mullen Trucking decided to re-channel its annual fundraising efforts to provide some relief for Rowan and Abbeyfield Houses.

Starting in September, Mullen held raffles and bake sales and campaigned to raise funds to help get Rowan and Abbeyfield Houses up and running again. The support Mullen received was overwhelming – on November 15th, we were able to present a cheque for $8,700, split between the two houses. This funding will go a long way in restoring some of the damage caused by the flood. With the help of our staff, Mullen was happy to be able to make a difference and provide some support for these two valuable Houses during this difficult time.

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