Mullen trucking profile

We set the standard for cross border truckload and mixed load service.

After more than 60 years in the trucking business, we know what we do best. Mullen has cross border truckload and mixed load services down to a science. Our diverse fleet and our fantastic team have allowed us to offer a range of services within our niche.

We can be flexible even when it comes to over-dimensional loads!

Mullen provides much-needed flexibility when it comes to shipping freight (even oversize shipments) across the border. We started as a single truck and grew to over 140! For mixed load and cross border services, call Mullen. We continue to invest in our people and our fleet to provide safe, flexible freight delivery throughout Canada and the US.

From humble beginnings

Few trucking companies nowadays can claim they started with just one man and a truck. Mullen can. The company was born in 1949 when Roland Mullen started from the ground-up with a single vehicle. In 1957, Roland entered the oilfield industry, racking his first rig.

We’re the largest transportation provider to the Canadian petroleum industry!

Now, over 60 years later, Mullen Trucking continues to specialize in the oil and gas sector and has grown it’s service offering with a more diversified, specialized fleet; we have 450 pieces of trailering equipment in our arsenal. Since the beginning, Mullen has allocated resources to growing our diverse fleet and investing in great people!

For western Canada’s largest specialized fleet, call Mullen!

Mullen’s extensive customer network throughout Canada and the United States is a testament to our top-notch service and our commitment to excellence within our niche.