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Mullen became a successful company within our niche because of our people. After over 60 years in the trucking industry, we know how to allocate resources and our greatest one is our staff, drivers and owner-operators. We’re proud of our team and we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase some of the great Mullen employees who contribute to the on going growth and success of this company!

October 2017

Steve Mallon, Unit #12206

Steve Mallon - October 2017Congrats to Steve Mallon for being chosen as Driver of the Month for October! Steve is a Company Driver working on our dedicated Finning Parts run. The Finning Parts run is a nightly run that originates in Spokane, WA, takes Steve through Fort Macleod, AB and up to Leduc, AB as the final destination, with a variety of stops along the way. As with all of our Dedicated Services this run is very time sensitive, Steve handles the logistics of his run with professionalism and a great attitude. Steve has been with Mullen Trucking since September 2015 and remains a valuable member of our team! Congratulations Steve on a job well done!

September 2017

Brian Butz, Unit #486

Brian Butz - September 2017Congratulations to Brian, as he has been chosen as Driver of the Month for September. Brian has been with Mullen Trucking for nearly 20 years and has remained a well respected member of our team. During his years here he has always been willing to go above and beyond, and anywhere asked of him. In more recent years he has been a big help providing coverage on our Dedicated Fleet. Brian’s genuine laugh and happy nature make him an easy friend to make out on the road or in the office. Brian lives with his wife in Regina and enjoys his free time spent with his grandchildren. Congrats again Brian!

August 2017

Evan Skura, Unit #12106

Evan Skura - August 2017In the short time that Evan has worked at Mullen Trucking he has proven himself to be a very reliable and committed driver. A big congrats to Evan for the accomplishment of winning Driver of the Month in August. Evan works on our Dedicated Fleet, travelling all over Alberta and BC on scheduled and time sensitive night routes but always with a smile on his face. He has become a go-to guy whenever there is last minute coverage required. Evan lives in Sparwood, BC with his wife and three children, including a baby that was born shortly after he started with us! Congrats Evan on a job well done!

July 2017

Dave Swainson, Unit #225

Dave Swainson - July 2017Congratulations to Dave Swainson as he has been chosen as Driver of the Month for July! Dave has been an Owner Operator at Mullen Trucking since April 2003, and over the years has remained a valuable member of our team. In 2012, after many years of safe driving, Dave was a recipient of our Million Mile award, this is a huge accomplishment and one to be proud of! Dave has years of experience in this industry and will offer his wealth of knowledge to all who ask. He has been one of our most reliable drivers and will go anywhere we need or ask. Dave lives in Calgary and is very committed to spending time with his family and young grandchildren. Congrats again Dave!

June 2017

Ron Latour, Unit #480

Ron Latour - June 2017Congrats to Ron Latour for winning Driver of the Month for June! Ron has been an Owner Operator with Mullen Trucking since January 2008; he continues to be a valuable asset to our team. Ron brings experience, professionalism and a good hearted personality to Mullen Trucking, along with an awareness of safety and reliability, all of which make him a pleasure to work with. You can be sure if Ron is amongst the crowd he is doing the entertaining, as many of us enjoy his fun attitude towards work and life. Ron lives in Winnipeg with his family and enjoys the lake in the summer and tropical island hopping in the winter. Congratulations Ron!

May 2017

Jim Ecclestone, Unit #14000

Jim Ecclestone - May 2017A big congratulations to Jim (Jimmy) Ecclestone for winning Driver of the Month for May! Jim has been a Company Driver with Mullen Trucking since 1998 and has hauled everything from salt to Super Structures. When Jim hits the road it’s usually with a load that is very large and very challenging, sometimes taking weeks to deliver! Whether he’s out on the highway, in the yard or in the shop, his patience and knowledge of his job are unmatched. Jim remains one of the most reliable and respected drivers on our fleet and offers his know-how and time to everyone who asks. Jim lives in Okotoks with his wife Jackie and spends his free time relaxing, but always makes sure his “honey do” list doesn’t get too long! Congrats again Jimmy on a job well done!

April 2017

Gord Laidlaw, Unit #16203, 16204, 12209

Gordon Laidlaw - April 2017Congratulations to Gord Laidlaw, he has been chosen as Driver of the Month for April! Gord has been a company driver with Mullen Trucking since May 2012 and has worked on the Dedicated Fleet out of Cranbrook since the beginning. The Finning Dedicated run is challenging because of its time sensitive requirements, one late truck causes a delay ripple effect for the remaining trucks. Over the past 5 years Gord has consistently displayed reliability, dependability and is someone that we can count on to get the job done safely and on time! Congratulations Gord on a job well done!

March 2017

Allan Scott, Unit #12116

Allan Scott - March 2017Allan Scott has been chosen as Driver of the Month for March. Allan has worked for Mullen Trucking driving our company trucks for 24 years!  During his time here Allan has gained the respect of all who have worked with him, and is willing to go wherever dispatch sends him. Allan is a responsible driver and has earned many years of Safe Driving which was key for him earning the Driver of the Year award in 2015. Allan enjoys photography and often sends in his freight photos which is a benefit to us in the office. Allan lives in Blackie, AB with his wife Angie and spends his time off with Angie and their two grown daughters. Congratulations Allan!

February 2017

Harry McIntosh, Unit #442

Harry McIntosh - February 2017Congratulations to Harry McIntosh for being chosen as February’s Driver of the Month! Harry has worked at Mullen Trucking since 1997, and for many of the years his wife Carol travelled alongside him. During his 20 years with Mullen Trucking Harry has pulled many loads down the highway, is always willing to go wherever dispatch sends him, is steadfastly reliable and has made many friends. In 2012 Harry was a recipient of our Million Mile Award, a feat that is a tremendous accomplishment! In recent years Harry has been mainly working in and around Alberta allowing for him and Carol to spend more time at home. Congratulations Harry on a job well done and a successful career that continues to “roll on down the road”!

January 2017

William Arrell, Unit #277

Willie Arrell - April 2016We are kicking off 2017 with William Arrell as Driver of the Month for January! Congratulations Willie! Willie started with Mullen Trucking in 2005, soon after he moved over to the Heavy License Division (HLD) and has been there ever since. Willie can always be counted on to get the job done. He recently hauled a Conveyor Belt Reel from Port Clinton, OH to Albian Sands, AB where he took great care in ensuring the load was tarped properly even with it’s challenging size.  He got the freight delivered safely and was very professional along the way. Willie lives in Okotoks with his wife Michelle and their family. During his time off he enjoys camping, quading and spending time outdoors. Way to go Willie on a job well done!

December 2016

Wayne Third, Unit #548

Wayne Third

Congratulations to Wayne Third! He is closing out 2016 as Driver of the Month for December! Wayne started with Mullen Trucking in 2012 and has since proven himself to be a valued team member on the HLD fleet. His commitment to safety on the job remains unwaivered while hauling the over dimensional loads down the highway. He consistently delivers his freight in a professional manner and is well liked out on the road and in the office. When Wayne is not working out on the highway he enjoys time with his family at home in Regina, SK. Congrats again Wayne on a job well done!

November 2016

Dan Ducharme, Unit #207

Dan Ducharme - November 2016Dan Ducharme has been chosen as Driver of the Month for November. Dan is an Owner Operator with Mullen Trucking, operating unit #207. He has been with Mullen Trucking since 2003 and has proven to be a reliable and conscientious operator for our Heavy License Fleet. Throughout his years here, while pulling the oversized loads, Dan has always remained professional and focused on getting the job done safely. His personable, chatty nature has made him friends all over, and earned the respect of fellow drivers. When he is not out on the road Dan can be found spending time in Black Diamond, AB with his family. Way to go Dan!!